Heavy Duty Staples 23-8


A stapler can only perform effectively if it has the right tools. STD staples have been engineered alongside our staplers to ensure the perfect compatibility for stapling operations over and over again - without jamming or breakage. Available in a large variety of sizes.

Most stapler faults are caused by using incorrect staples. Always use the staple number recommended by the manufacturer of the stapler.

For the example, staple size 26/6 - the first number (26) indicates the gauge (thickness) of the wire. The smaller the number, the thicker the staple. The second number indicates the depth of the leg in mm – hence 26/6 has an 6mm leg length. It is important to use the correct length – if it is too short the staples will not bind the papers together – if too long the staple will have excess ‘fold over’.

staple templste

26/6  26-0329-00

26/8  26-2609-00

24/6  26-0324-00


23/10  26-0317-00

23/13  26-0318-00

23/15  26-0319-00

23/17  26-0320-00

23/20  26-0321-00

23/24  26-0322-00